The past few weeks have not left anyone or any business unscathed.  While spending within the building supplies category is one of the few to increase, the trade industry is undergoing a shift as contractors figure out how to navigate a contactless world.

We looked at several key trades (roofing, HVAC and plumbing) to understand the new landscape and to inform what companies should do to make sure their brand adapts to consumer behaviors.

Our key insight? COVID-19 has further emphasized the need and opportunity to adopt a digital marketing strategy. Once the pandemic is over, we predict the trade industries will have a continued and renewed focus on digital.

For Manufacturers

  • Provide digital training or selling resources to help your dealers continue to sell your products
  • Deploy messaging around hiring a contractor
  • Encourage dealers to highlight their contactless services
  • Continue marketing activity to build brand equity, especially during times with less platform competition

For Contractors or Dealers

  • Take the time to brush up on digital skills and reevaluate your digital marketing strategy
  • Highlight your contactless services, making sure your prospects know you are open and what changes to expect
  • Continue marketing activity to build brand equity, partnering with key manufacturers to co-market, when available
  • Provide homeowner peace of mind by highlighting your safety measures (PPE, social distancing, virtual selling or consulting)

For a deeper dive into how key trades could capitalize on consumer trends to adapt their business and marketing priorities, download our full report here.