Meet Julia Devine!

When Julia’s not on the job as a Media Planner/Buyer, she’s writing and playing music. She even recorded a pop album a few years back. Go look up “Jaye Devine” on your favorite music streaming service—you won’t be disappointed!

Q: What were some of your high school hobbies? 

A: I took voice lessons, performed in musicals, and sang in a barbershop quartet.

Q: Tell us some high school fun facts. 

A: I loved learning Spanish and got to travel to Spain with my class. I’ve retained about 0% of my knowledge of the language, though. I might try to pick it back up with Duolingo during these quarantine times.

Q: What were some of your college hobbies?

A: I sang and arranged music for my acapella group, was in a comms/business leadership club, and I worked in the writing and communication centers on campus.

Q: Tell us some college fun facts.

A: I stayed at school one summer to play Dorothy in the local art council’s production of The Wizard of Oz. The director decided that Dorothy’s costume should include a harness so that she could be lifted up into the tornado.

Please see photo evidence – I was not a graceful Dorothy-in-tornado. What are my arms doing? It’s unclear.

Q: What is one thing you’ve crossed off your bucket list?

A: I made some pop music! It was one of my goals a few years ago. You can find me on most streaming services by searching “Jaye Devine.”

Q: What do you do on the weekends/in your free time?

A: My favorite ways to spend free time are writing/playing music, and reading.

Q: Any fun projects happening at home?

A: We’ve been trying to get Larry (our cat) to go for walks outside, but he is firmly against it.

Q: What is our favorite place in the world?

A: Our family’s cottage on Lake Huron. It was built around 1900. It features a dusty old bookshelf, some excellent reading spots, and a Victrola. It’s the most peaceful place I know.