Meet Ivy Ferko— supporter of the local music scene, outdoors enthusiast, and boomerang employee. She’s rejoined our team as a Paid Search Specialist on our growing Digital Performance Marketing team. Get to know Ivy below!

Q: Why did you choose Brunner?

A: I was lucky enough to get a head start on my digital marketing career as an intern with Brunner during my last semester of college in 2020. Like many other things, 2020 didn’t go exactly as planned—but I was extremely excited when I got the call asking me to come back and join Brunner full-time, so here I am! I cannot wait to (re)join the team and to learn and grow with Brunner.

Q: Where were you born?

A: Punxsutawney, PA (Yes, the town with the weather predicting groundhog).

Q: What hobbies did you have in high school?

A: Played basketball and snowboarded.

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: Duquesne University.

Q: What do you do on the weekends?

A: Everything outdoors! Summer months are always filled with camping, hiking, kayaking, and lots of friends. I also spend a lot of time in small venues supporting local bands. I’m very lucky to have a lot of musically talented friends that have really made me appreciate local music!

Q: What is one thing on your bucket list?

A: To travel more of the world. I was supposed to study abroad in Ireland during college, but Duquesne ended up cancelling the program. I was also supposed to spend a month in Vietnam, but COVID had other plans. I’ll make it across the ocean eventually!

Q: Do you have an unpopular opinion?

A: I have never and will never eat Ranch dressing.

Q: If you could eat without getting full, what would your ultimate buffer be?

A: My ultimate buffet would be every Thai dish.

Q: What’s your go-to adult beverage?

A: Vodka soda with a lime.