Meet Ivan Tafur—Group Media Director on our Channel Marketing team. When he’s not developing and implementing media strategies for our clients, you’ll catch him smoking meats, watching soccer, or at the beach. Get to know Ivan below!

Q: What are some fun facts about you?

A: Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to go to college football championship (Florida won), college basketball championship (Florida won), MLS Championship (Atlanta won), Daytona 500, one World Series game, and two Super Bowls (sorry, Green Bay beat the Steelers; and Saints over Colts).

Q: What were some of your past jobs?

A: Worked at Marshalls, OfficeMax, as a soccer referee, host at a Chinese restaurant in college and we all got to eat off the buffet at closing.

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: Born in Queens, NY. Grew up in south Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area).

Q: What were some of your high school hobbies?

A: Club Soccer, Drama, I was a math nerd and did competitions (once placed 4th at a national event).

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: University of Florida.

Q: What were some college hobbies?

A: College football, soccer, going to punk/ska shows, libations, and oh yeah, learning stuff.

Q: Any fun facts from college?

A: Ran for student government with a group of friends as the Keg Party and actually won a couple seats with absolutely zero experience, which was our platform.

Q: Tell us about your home life.

A: Married, two girls (5 and 13), two cats (Pinkie Pie and Juju).

Q: Any fun projects happening at home?

A: Nothing purposeful, but it’s a house, so there is always something to fix. And spending so much more time at home, we are getting more use out of the back deck, yard, and fire pit.

Q: What do you do with your free time?

A: Smoke meats, drink bourbon, watch soccer (kids and Pros), play tennis and soccer, head to the beach.

Q: What is one thing you’ve crossed off your bucket list?

A: Visiting Australia, Italy, and Paris

Q: Do you have a hidden talent?

A: I am very good on a jury because I can spot guilty people just by looking at them. Or is that what I say to get out of jury duty? (I forget).

Q: If you could eat without getting full, what would your ultimate buffet be?

A: BBQ – Ribs, brisket, wings…all of it.