Born in Chicago, Illinois, Candace Keudel-Schaffer lived in many places before residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a sports guru, cake-decorating wizard, mom, and now with almost four years at the agency, Senior Account Manager.

Q: What were some of your high school hobbies?

A: I took drama as a subject, as well as design. I was an avid water polo player and played for various clubs and provincial teams throughout high school. I also played netball, which I know Shill (Brunner creative director) is still questioning whether this is a real sport (it is!).

Q: Tell us one high school fun fact.

A: Hmm, I guess that at one point I was given the nickname Sully (from Monsters inc.) by one of the water polo teams I played for. I was embarrassed by it because it was a big male monster, but now when I look at his traits, I think it’s rather endearing. I wish I had seen it that way at the time!

Q: Tell us one college fun fact.

A: I studied Sports Management before I chose to get my degree in Marketing, and surprisingly managed to score top in my class throughout (after not being incredibly academic through high school).

Q: What’s home life like?

A: I’m married to my wonderful hubby, Clayton, and we have a nearly-two-year-old, Joshua! No pets yet, although we definitely plan on it.

Q: What do you do on the weekends?

A: Not sure free time exists with a toddler (ha!), but when we’re not busy doing all things necessary, we like to take walks and drives and generally get outside if we can! We also spend a lot of time catching up with far-away relatives and friends on weekend video calls. Oh, and I love baking!

Q: What’s your hidden talent?

A: I like to think of myself as an amateur cake decorator.

Q: What is one thing you’ve crossed off your bucket list?

A: Jumping off the top of a sports stadium on the world’s tallest swing — Guinness Book of Records.

Q: What is your favorite sports team?

A: The Springboks! South Africa’s Rugby team.

Q: What show are you currently binging?

A: Parenthood.

Q: Go-to adult beverage?

A: Anything vodka based.

Q: Have you lived anywhere other than Atlanta?

A: I was born in Chicago and then grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, before moving to the States again in 2016. After short stints in Ohio and Tennessee, I landed in Atlanta.