Meet Brianna Bowman—amateur wedding planner and Tik Tok’s biggest fan! We’re happy to have her on our Account Management team as an Account Coordinator. Get to know Brianna below!

Q: Why did you choose Brunner?

A: I interned at an agency when I was in college and loved it! I have always wanted to get back into a fast-paced creative environment again since I graduated from college and thought Brunner was the perfect place to do that!

Q: Where were you born?

A: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Q: What were your hobbies in high school?

A: I ran track and field!

Q: Tell us a fun fact from high school.

A: My very first job in high school was at Kennywood Park!

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: California University of Pennsylvania.

Q: What were some of your hobbies in college?

A: I worked at the campus Women’s Center for 3 years!

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou.

Q: What is one thing on your bucket list?

A: Travel to Bora Bora.

Q: What is one thing you’ve crossed off your bucket list?

A: Going to Hawaii!

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: Shopping, trends, and personal style!

Q: What is your favorite sports team?

A: Not a big sports watcher, but I am an obligatory Steelers fan as a native Pittsburgher.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: Social. Organized. Protective.

Q: How do you like your coffee?

A: In tea form, haha! I don’t drink coffee.

Q: What would you do with a million dollars?

A: Buy a house for my mom, a beach house somewhere exotic and save the rest!

Q: Choose a movie title for the story of your life. Who would play you?

A: “An Organized Mess.” I would be played by Issa Rae.

Q: Do you have an unpopular opinion?

A: Avocado is actually not good, lol!

Q: If you could eat anything without getting full, what would your ultimate buffet be?

A: Potatoes in all forms!

Q: Any other fun facts about you?

A: I help plan weddings with two of my friends from high school that own their own wedding planning business. I also love Tik Tok and will probably reference a Tik Tok at least once a day, haha!