The Mirren Executive Leadership Summit on Inclusion and Diversity was a great platform to share and learn about topics we are all dealing with in business and in society as a whole.  The great irony with the ad industry is that we are focused as a business on a diverse world of consumers from all walks of life, and yet our industry’s employee profiles don’t reflect that diversity.  

The key takeaways on the summit panel for me included:  

  • Take small steps in order to initiate meaningful action 
  • Don’t be afraid to wade into the conversation and learn from others 
  • Follow your heart to do what is right and your head will make the best decisions 
  • Listen carefully to your own team, particularly those who have experienced racial or social injustice  

Being an agency that has an office in Pittsburgh, we like Mr. Rogers message of “be kind to your neighbor.” It’s a simple statement with broad implications and impact.