And for women in the current job landscape, many of whose careers are disproportionally affected by COVID19, a personal brand is critical to gaining professional currency for their next career opportunity. That’s why Brunner’s Director, PR + Brand Engagement, Meredith Klein recently co-led a workshop on creating, refining and extending your personal brand with Pennsylvania Women Work. The interactive session honed in on three key areas:  

  • Defining a brand 
  • Creating your niche 
  • Building your own personal brand 

The session was attended by nearly 20 individuals from across Pennsylvania Women Work’s network all of whom left the workshop with a personal brand statement ready to inform their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and more. 

And in addition to her role at this event Meredith was recently confirmed to the board of directors for a multi-year term, continuing her work in the areas of diversity, inclusion and female leadership.