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Employee Spotlight: Nicole Clay

November 30, 2021

Meet Nicole Clay—motivated, compassionate, and easygoing new member of our Digital Performance Marketing team with a serious passion for helping others. Read on to learn more about what keeps our new Senior Specialist, SEO busy! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I’ve always wanted to work at an agency. After coming in to interview
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Employee Spotlight: Molly Wyatt

October 5, 2021

Meet Molly Wyatt—our newest member of the Brand Engagement Team. She’s a proud pug owner who loves giving back to her community. Get to know her below. Why did you choose Brunner? I chose Brunner because of the people. Everyone I spoke to was so nice and down-to-earth. I was searching for a total change
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Employee Spotlight: Matt Penoyar

September 24, 2021

Meet Matt Penoyar—Sports fan and family man. He’s joined our Digital Design Experience Team as a UX Specialist, where he puts his research and design skills to good use. Get to know Matt below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I really liked everyone that I met throughout the interview process. I was excited
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Employee Spotlight: Brianna Bowman

August 26, 2021

Meet Brianna Bowman—amateur wedding planner and Tik Tok’s biggest fan! We’re happy to have her on our Account Management team as an Account Coordinator. Get to know Brianna below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I interned at an agency when I was in college and loved it! I have always wanted to get
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Employee Spotlight: Laura Sharp

August 24, 2021

Meet Laura Sharp—mom, macramé artist, and Sr. User Experience Designer on our Digital Experience and Design team. Her background includes serving in the Army, some culinary training, art, and many discipline areas of graphic design. Get to know Laura below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I started working with George [Kalantzis]’s team as
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Employee Spotlight: Ivan Tafur

August 11, 2021

Meet Ivan Tafur—Group Media Director on our Channel Marketing team. When he’s not developing and implementing media strategies for our clients, you’ll catch him smoking meats, watching soccer, or at the beach. Get to know Ivan below! Q: What are some fun facts about you? A: Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to go to
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Employee Spotlight: Ivy Ferko

August 11, 2021

Meet Ivy Ferko— supporter of the local music scene, outdoors enthusiast, and boomerang employee. She’s rejoined our team as a Paid Search Specialist on our growing Digital Performance Marketing team. Get to know Ivy below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I was lucky enough to get a head start on my digital marketing career
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Employee Spotlight: Jen Lang

July 21, 2021

Meet Jen Lang—Pittsburgh-born and raised Account Manager who’s filled with surprises from her time living in the Sin City. Get to know Jen below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: Brunner has a fantastic reputation and the people I met with made me feel like part of the team from the first conversation. Q: Where
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Employee Spotlight: Troy Rolle

July 20, 2021

Meet Troy Rolle—newest addition to our Digital Development and Design Team. As our Front End Developer, he gets to put his passion for software engineering to use every day. Get to know Troy below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I wanted to work in a less corporate environment, and the position felt right. Q:
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Employee Spotlight: Alex Berdis

July 20, 2021

Meet Alex Berdis—content circus ringmaster…well, maybe someday. As Senior Art Director, his visual expertise allows him to accomplish big things for our clients. Get to know Alex below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I chose Brunner because I believe coming together is the best way to accomplish big things. I love being an art
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Employee Spotlight: Roni Marsh

July 13, 2021

Meet Roni Marsh— Senior Lead, Content Strategist on our Channel Marketing Team. While she’s not delivering results for her clients, she’s spending time at home with her pup, Deuce. On the weekends you’ll find her binging on good shows, cooking, or trying new wine. Get to know Roni below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner?
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Employee Spotlight: Brian Barna

June 29, 2021

Meet Brian Barna—social butterfly, proud Pittsburgher, and Brunner’s new SEO Account Manager. We’re excited for you to join our growing Channel Marketing team. Get to know Brian below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I was initially drawn to Brunner for the strong reputation, excellent track record and strong leadership in the industry. A few
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Employee Spotlight: Emily Kurek

June 15, 2021

Meet Emily Kurek—self-proclaimed typography and lettering nerd. While she’s not on the clock as an Art Director on our creative team, she’s traveling, running, reading, cooking, and play video games… not at the same time, though. Get to know Emily below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I loved the work I was seeing, and
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Once Again, Apple Gives Us a Sense of What is to Come

June 14, 2021

At this point, it is difficult to avoid the conversation around privacy and what Apple is doing to protect their customers’ information.  From TV ads and numerous articles online, everyone is hearing about how Apple is putting the control in the users’ hand to enable which apps are allowed to track users.  As an individual in everyday life, the iOS 14 update is probably welcomed with open arms. 
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Employee Spotlight: Interns

June 10, 2021

Meet our 2021 summer interns—we’re so excited to have them on board and look forward to helping them gain hands-on experience during their time here. Get to know them below!    Maddie Spadafore, Digital Performance Marketing  Q: Where are you going to college?  A: University of Pittsburgh  Q: What is your intended major/ any minors?  A: Marketing/Business Information Systems  Q: Where are you working remote from
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Employee Spot: Katherine Cho

June 2, 2021

Meet Katherine Cho—she’s just joined our Channel Marketing team in Atlanta as a Senior Lead, Marketing Communications Planner. Get to know Katherine below!  Q: Why did you choose Brunner?  A: I chose Brunner because of the culture and the people. Everyone I interviewed with had such positive energy, I knew I wanted to call Brunner my next home.  Q: Where
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Brunner POV | Attribution, Targeting, and the Customer. What will they look like in a Cookieless World?

May 26, 2021

With the soon to be extinct third-party cookie, advertisers, and agencies are going to have to look to new ways to track digital customer engagement as well as target key audiences. What began as a way to track online behavior and ensure better targeting has shifted to a growing concern over the misuse of this
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Brunner Selected as AOR for Edgar Snyder & Associates as Partner in Innovation for Overall Brand and Marketing Strategy

May 25, 2021

Edgar Snyder & Associates (ESA) is one of the most well-known brands in the Pittsburgh region. With approximately 40 years of experience as a leading personal injury law firm, the company sought a new agency partner to help continue the evolution of its brand and marketing strategy. Effective immediately, Brunner has been selected as agency of record (AOR), responsible for
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Employee Spotlight: Kayla Artale

May 18, 2021

Meet Kayla Artale—Channel Marketing Sr. Specialist that’s just joined Brunner’s Brand Engagement team. Get to know Kayla… and how many times she’s binged her favorite show below. Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: I chose Brunner because I really loved the values they have. Q: Describe yourself in 3 words? A: Compassionate. Encouraging. Enthusiastic. Q:
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Brunner’s Meredith Klein is Named Honoree of Ragan’s and PR Daily’s Rising Star Award

May 14, 2021

Brunner’s own Meredith Klein, PR + Brand Engagement Director, has been selected as a Rising Star honoree in Ragan’s and PR Daily’s Communicators of the Year & Rising Star Awards, Class of 2021. Ragan and PR Daily’s Rising Star Awards recognize the industry’s best individual communications practitioners and teams, and it is no surprise to
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Brunner’s Creative Campaign for City of Asylum, “Dictator Book Reviews”, Wins Seven Silver District ADDY Awards

May 7, 2021

At the 2021 award ceremony held Friday, April 30, Brunner’s creative campaign for client City of Asylum entitled “Dictator Book Reviews” won ten sliver Pittsburgh American Advertising (AFF) Awards and seven silver District 2 ADDY Awards in categories Elements of Advertising and Public Service. The seven district wins will automatically move on to the National
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Employee Spotlight—Luke Thimons

May 4, 2021

Meet Luke Thimons—Brunner’s new Channel Marketing Specialist. While his passions lie in fitness and cooking, he spends his free time playing with his pups and connecting with friends. Get to know Luke below! Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: Brunner is a great company that can offer plenty of opportunity to grow and learn. Q:
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30 Under 30: Jordan Mitrik

April 29, 2021

Jordan Mitrik joined Brunner on Monday, January 10, 2017. How do we remember the exact date, you ask? Well, it was a fortuitous time. A monumental morning. The day we announced we were partnering with 84 Lumber on their Super Bowl commercial, “The Journey”. More than four years later, he continues to impress our agency
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Employee Spotlight—Luca Pugliano

April 20, 2021

Meet Luca Pugliano—resident nutrition and running enthusiast. When he’s not on the clock as Brunner’s new Display/Social Specialist, you’ll catch him outside golfing, kayaking, or hiking. Q: Why did you choose Brunner? A: Brunner is a great place for me to learn and grow from knowledgeable people who will help me grow in my career. I
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Employee Spotlight: Donna Brown

April 6, 2021

Meet Donna Brown—avid traveler, huge taco fan, and marvelous singer (even if it’s just in her own head!) She’s just joined Brunner’s Brand Engagement/Media team as a Broadcast Buyer. Q: Describe yourself in 3 words. A: Encouraging. Considerate. Adventurous. Q: Where were you born? A: Los Angeles Q: Do you have any siblings? A: 4 –
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Brunner Cookie-less POV

March 30, 2021

WHAT ARE COOKIES? Most websites use small text files called “cookies” to enable certain features. When you visit a site or re-visit a site, the sites read cookies to remember your login credentials, which articles you have already read, your language preferences, etc. These are stored on your hard drive and are called first-party cookies
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How Much of a Challenger Brand are you? 

March 18, 2021

Let’s start with, what is a challenger brand? It is a brand with big dreams, wanting to do bold things to overcome disadvantages such as restrictive budgets, low awareness, or declining brand energy.   Being a challenger brand has benefits. It creates a brand strength that minimizes wasted time. You look for messaging that delivers emotional intensity and makes media budgets achieve more. Disruption
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Employee Spotlight: Brittany Miller

March 10, 2021

Meet Brittany Miller—intern-turned-full time employee and 4-year Brunner veteran. While she’s not performing her duties on Brunner’s New Business team, she’s sharing her passion for traveling with her husband and daughter. Get to know her more below! Q: What advice would you give to your younger self? A: To slow down and enjoy the moment! Q:
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What you May Have Missed From AdWeek’s Challenger Brand Summit

February 26, 2021

AdWeek‘s annual Challenger Brand Summit took place this week and during the event, more than 40 brands shared successes and key takeaways for challenger brands. If you were not able to attend, five of the most meaningful points are summarized below.  1. Being a challenger brand is a mindset, not a market position.  Kiran Smith, CMO of iRobot, explained that although they are No. 1 in their category, they view their category as
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Brunner Wins Best in Show at PRSA Pittsburgh 2021 Renaissance Awards

February 1, 2021

Brunner Wins Best in Show at PRSA Pittsburgh 2021 Renaissance Awards Agency receives highest score of all award submissions as well as four additional accolades   During a year in which employees worked from home and were challenged to push creativity and strategic thinking to new heights amid insurmountable uncertainty, Brunner rose to the occasion.
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Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Motta

January 12, 2021

Meet Lindsay Motta—resident amateur chef, spinning enthusiast, and plant mom. While she’s not on the clock as Brunner’s Brand Engagement Strategist, you’ll catch her outside exploring with her dog, Nessa. Q: Describe yourself in 3 words. A: Loud. Resilient. Softhearted. Q: What were some of your high school hobbies?  A: I was in the orchestra where I played
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The Car Repair Club Works with Brunner to Launch New Brand

January 7, 2021

Pittsburgh (January 11, 2020) – Aiming to launch their new brand by early 2021, PepperFlare Car Repair Club has named Brunner their agency of record (AOR). “We were drawn to Brunner’s creativity and expertise in building a brand,” said Pete Demko, The Car Repair Club Founder and CEO. “Together with Brunner, we can position The
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IONOS Taps Brunner as Creative U.S. Agency to Expand in U.S. Market

January 7, 2021

Pittsburgh (January 11, 2021) – As the largest hosting company in Europe, IONOS tapped Brunner as their U.S. creative agency to help expand their business in the U.S. market.   “We are looking for a partner who can outthink, not outspend the more established U.S. hosting brands with deep pockets,” said Tim Körner, Head of Commercial Management & Country Operations
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What to Expect When Pittsburgh Drops in Nielsen Rank

December 4, 2020

When Nielsen announced Pittsburgh would drop rank from #24 to #26 in 2021, there was concern about how that would affect the market. What would that mean for the local TV market? Would the market lose national advertisers?    Nielsen’s market rank is determined by the number of TV households in the DMA.  Even though Pittsburgh dropped in rank, I have good news. The Pittsburgh market has actually increased in the number of
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An Investment in Your Personal Brand is an Investment in Your Professional Future

December 3, 2020

And for women in the current job landscape, many of whose careers are disproportionally affected by COVID19, a personal brand is critical to gaining professional currency for their next career opportunity. That’s why Brunner’s Director, PR + Brand Engagement, Meredith Klein recently co-led a workshop on creating, refining and extending your personal brand with Pennsylvania Women Work.
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Eureka! There’s Data In Them Cubicles!

December 1, 2020

If we took a 1000-piece puzzle and walked around any B2B company, scattering the puzzle pieces as we wondered, this would be a good illustration of their data maturity. Most B2B companies have all the puzzle pieces scattered about but, they have no idea how to get them organized in one place, let alone how
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Going Digital Should be a Priority for Your Sales Team – but Don’t Lose the Human Touch

November 30, 2020

In the not-so-distant past, CMO’s were able to take a formulaic approach to support their sales teams.  Product brochures that highlighted features and benefits, a press release or trade show effort to support product launches, and likely some product-focused web site pages with static data sheet specifications were all that was expected.  Some may have
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Now Is The Time To Get To Know The Modern Buyer

November 30, 2020

As you know the Millennial cohort (born between 1981-1996) is a focal point for almost all B2C marketers. They have developed new buying behaviors and influence other generations to follow suite, forced change on go-to-market strategies, and essentially determine the fate of most brands. However, they shouldn’t just be a priority for B2C. They should
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Michael Brunner is Named Honoree in Pittsburgh’s 2020 Smart 50 Awards

November 20, 2020

Pittsburgh (November 20, 2020) – Michael Brunner, Brunner’s Chairman and CEO, has been named an honoree in Pittsburgh’s 2020 Smart 50 Awards, recognizing the top 50 executives of the 50 smartest companies for their ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations.  “It is an amazing honor to be considered for the Smart 50 Awards,” Michael said. “I appreciate being listed amongst the 50 other smart, savvy executives and their companies.”  It was over thirty years
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Brunner’s President and Partner Scott Morgan Shares Key Takeaways from Mirren Summit

November 20, 2020

The Mirren Executive Leadership Summit on Inclusion and Diversity was a great platform to share and learn about topics we are all dealing with in business and in society as a whole.  The great irony with the ad industry is that we are focused as a business on a diverse world of consumers from all walks of life, and yet
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Employee Spotlight: Derrik Whiten

November 13, 2020

Meet Derrik Whiten! As Brunner’s in-house emcee, master of changing out the kegs, and Fantasy Football extraordinaire, he has a lot on his plate. But his real passion project is his content network, Thoughts From The Bench. If you’re looking for a laugh or for someone to juggle EXACTLY three things, Derrik is your guy.
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Employee Spotlight: Julia Devine

November 3, 2020

Meet Julia Devine! When Julia’s not on the job as a Media Planner/Buyer, she’s writing and playing music. She even recorded a pop album a few years back. Go look up “Jaye Devine” on your favorite music streaming service—you won’t be disappointed! Q: What were some of your high school hobbies?  A: I took voice
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How to Optimize Email Marketing for the New Normal of COVID-19

October 20, 2020

There’s no doubt digital experiences have been groundbreaking this year—even amidst a global pandemic. Instead of the usual COVID-19 statement, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned and where we are now. So, when it comes to an effective email strategy you’ll be able to make practical moves to improve results. Three key influential
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Brunner Wins Trade Advertising Agency of Record with Rinnai America Corporation

October 16, 2020

Agency accelerates new business growth in the Atlanta market Pittsburgh (October 16, 2020) – This fourth quarter, Brunner has more to celebrate than just the successful close to its 31st year. In search of deep B2B cross-channel expertise, global tankless water heater leader, Rinnai America Corporation, has entrusted Brunner to serve as its trade advertising
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Automating Complex Marketing Models for Insight That is Deep and Frequent

October 15, 2020

Speed versus depth of insight is a fundamental trade-off marketing strategists often face when working with analyst teammates. Both sides contribute to this reality. Strategists often ask nuanced or difficult questions (what is the ROI of a sports sponsorship?), and analysts or data scientists, reacting to a wide variety of these questions, tend to approach
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Employee Spotlight: Ken Johns

October 12, 2020

Meet Ken Johns! Ken is an agency veteran, with 25 years of service under his belt at Brunner. When he’s not on the job as our SVP, Client Experience & Planning, he’s spending time with his family, playing his regular weekly game of basketball, or golfing with his son. Q: What were some of your
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Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Banks

October 8, 2020

Meet Jonathan Banks! JB has always had a passion for consuming and creating inspirational art; in fact, he originally moved to Atlanta to break into the music industry! We’re glad he found his way to Brunner, where he’s worked as a copywriter/content creator for three years. Q: What were some of your high school hobbies? 
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3 Guide Rails to Consider for B2B Marketing Success

October 6, 2020

Digital marketing transformation continues to be a hot topic, and its acceleration has continued to increase exponentially. Businesses are implementing systems to better market to their customers; enable sales to understand, prioritize and react to leads that fuel opportunity; to manage the lifecycle of customer engagement; and at the end of the day, to hopefully
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Selling to Retailers is Never About You

October 5, 2020

For over 12 years, I helped sales teams from the strongest challenger brands to the world’s most recognizable brand names sell their products to retailers of all sizes. After sitting through hundreds of B2B sales presentations, the number one piece of advice that I can offer is that it is never about your brand. Far
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2020 Graphis Advertising Awards: Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation Wins Big

October 1, 2020

Our Diversity Recruitment and Adopt a Station campaigns for Atlanta Fire Rescue foundation have now been recognized at all levels of creative excellence – from local to national to global. We’re thrilled to announce gold and silver winners in this year’s Graphis Advertising Annual. This competition originated in Switzerland 50 years ago and showcases work
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Employee Spotlight: D’Metrius Agurs

September 30, 2020

Meet D’Metrius Agurs! Pittsburgh native, big brother to four siblings, former movie theater usher and six-year Journeys veteran, Agurs is Brunner’s Junior Application Developer and Fantasy Football expert. Q: What were some of your high school hobbies?  A: I was president of my art club, member of adventure club, I was a stage crew member &
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Brunner and Goodwill of North Georgia Work Together on Key Digital Marketing Initiatives

September 29, 2020

Brunner’s drive is to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. One way to make this happen is to work with special organizations that do special things for people most in need. Goodwill of North Georgia is just this type of organization. Their mission is to put people to
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Winning Market Share as a CPG Newcomer in 2020

September 28, 2020

We all have a COVID-19 story about toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes gone missing from retailers’ shelves. Charmin – out of stock. Bounty – out of stock. Clorox – you guessed it. Out of stock. But when we couldn’t find the Clorox wipes we were used to, the reality of the pandemic we’d just been dropped into put the dilemma swiftly
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Don’t Let CPG Shifts Debilitate Growth: 3 Keys for Your Brand to Not Only Survive, but Thrive

September 21, 2020

It’s no surprise that in today’s world, how we buy products is drastically changing.   What once was normal walking up and down your local grocery store aisle to select your favorite products now seems like a strange concept. The new norm is sitting patiently in your car, parked in the curbside pickup spot, as a retail worker loads your trunk with your new groceries that someone else hand-picked for you.   If how we
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Use Your Brand’s Values to Navigate Through Culture and Controversy

September 10, 2020

Brands navigating social media controversy is nothing new. However, the groundswell of cultural and social change in 2020 has underlined the debate for any brand manager – “should I respond?” “How can my brand’s marketing remain creative without igniting a social media crisis?” While a complex topic, there are three simple points to think about
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How to do More with a Shrinking Budget

September 10, 2020

As brands continue to face several challenges this year, including the unknowns surrounding the pandemic and the election, many marketers and categories also face the added challenge of operating under tighter budgets.   For those struggling, the initial reaction may be to reduce or cut advertising for the remainder of 2020, but doing so could drastically impact a brand’s success in the long term.  An article from ClickZ reports slowing advertising efforts
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The Secret Life of a Data Scientist

September 10, 2020

From studying engineering to consulting with Fortune 500 companies, Eric Perz revealed some interesting things about his career path and his personal life, as Brunner recently promoted him to VP, Data Science. Q: How did you enter the ‘data science world’? A: After completing a master’s in engineering, I was drawn to the world of
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Daguerreotype a New Reality

August 19, 2020

Sit perfectly still for sixty-five seconds with your eyes open. You blinked. Let’s try it again. And keep those eyes open, please. Named after the inventor, Louis-Jacque-Mandé Daguerre introduced the first commercial photographic process to the world in 1839. With exposures initially ranging from three to fifteen minutes, the technique created highly detailed images on
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Employee Spotlight: Candace Keudel-Schaffer

August 13, 2020

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Candace Keudel-Schaffer lived in many places before residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a sports guru, cake-decorating wizard, mom, and now with almost four years at the agency, Senior Account Manager. Q: What were some of your high school hobbies? A: I took drama as a subject, as well as design. I was
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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Bopp

August 13, 2020

Meet Ryan Bopp! Pittsburgh native, Bopp attended University of Pittsburgh working as a cook, barge repairer, deck builder, landscaper and inventory auditor before his almost five years at Brunner. His talents include: being the middle child, never purchasing a college textbook, living in water (including the pool of our People & Culture Manager, Brian), performing
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Employee Spotlight: Shelley Hershberger

August 12, 2020

Meet Shelley Hershberger! With five years of service at Brunner, Hershberger is the Finance Operations Manager. She has diverse work experiences ranging from teenage McDonald’s years to WTAE. From Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Hershberger attended college at Seton Hill University and Saint Vincent College. Q: What were some of your high school hobbies? A: Home economics club,
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Social Intelligence Tools Allow for Deeper Analysis of Consumer Behavior

August 12, 2020

Social listening is widely accepted in the world of business as a way for companies to connect with their target audience and find out what that audience thinks about a given product, campaign or initiative. It’s a process of watching hashtags, keywords and digital engagement to identify trending topics and monitor brand sentiment, and roughly
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Working Together, Separately: How We Do It

July 29, 2020

Originally published in MediaPost. By Dan Magdich, Jeff Shill Tell us if this ol’ COVID kick in the teeth sounds familiar? Add about seven video chats to your daily onslaught of emails, panicked texts and skull-drubbing conference calls. Welcome to the abnormally new normal. COVID’s impact has affected almost everything — with one exception. Since
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Insightful Emojis: Taking Sentiment Analysis to the Next Level

July 20, 2020

When marketers analyze free-form text for insight, such as reviews or social media posts, they often see the same sequence of approaches, which become increasingly sophisticated along the way: Descriptive statistics like word count, sometimes represented in word clouds, or frequency of keywords over time Sentiment analysis: tracking the mix of positive, negative, and neutral
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Brunner Welcomes 15-Year IT Veteran

July 20, 2020

Earlier this summer Brunner welcomed Dave Stoken as Director, IT, to augment our internal infrastructure team. Driving Helpdesk/IT strategies and implementations, developing team/discipline specific technology needs, security implementation, employee related computers, software and systems, Dave will play a key role in our continued investments in cutting-edge technology and digital experiences. Dave is a Pennsylvania native,
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Clients Get the Recognition They Deserve: Five National ADDYs at 2020 Virtual Ceremony

July 2, 2020

A scene from “The Lumberyard,” part of the Woodland’s Most Wanted campaign for client YellaWood® pressure treated pine   Clients Get the Recognition They Deserve: Five National ADDYs at 2020 Virtual Ceremony Secret agent beavers conquered yet another expedition, snatching more than YellaWood® brand pressure treated pine at the national ADDYs. Through teamwork and collaboration,
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Brunner Partners with Former President of GSK

June 24, 2020

Brunner and the recently retired President of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Colin Mackenzie, have created a special partnership to help brands in the Consumer Packaged Goods and OTC worlds solve digital acceleration issues related to marketing and brand engagement. The partnership with our former client combines Brunner’s expertise in digital performance marketing and digital transformation with Mackenzie’s
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Urgent Message for CMOs of Challenger Brands

June 19, 2020

Originally published in MediaPost. Forget digital transformation…right now it’s all about digital acceleration! We’ve all learned tough lessons over the past two months – most oriented towards our health and well-being – and the health of our businesses, too. At the core of those learnings is the impact a firm’s digital competency has on virtually
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What’s Next for the Restaurant Industry?

June 17, 2020

As the US begins to re-open state by state, restaurants will look, feel, and operate differently than they did prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, with many of the changes and trends we’ve seen likely becoming permanent. Restaurants will now have the added responsibility of making their guests feel safe, beyond more visible cleaning procedures, personal
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Every Brand Has Become A Challenger — Are You Up For The Challenge?

June 3, 2020

Originally published in MediaPost. Throughout history, there have always been big dogs and underdogs, champions and challengers. For every Goliath, there has been a David (or a Dana). For every established mega-brand, there has been a startup. With a global pandemic like none the world has seen since 1918, traditional designations for brands and businesses
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AI: Applying It To The New Now

June 3, 2020

Originally published in MediaPost. When marketers talk about artificial intelligence (AI), they’re talking about art — the art of crafting insight-driven content. That’s what AI is, right? A perfect algorithm that builds meaningful connections with audiences, improves brand equity, and curates a wealth of potential leads. But to truly take advantage of AI, we must
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Brunner Celebrates 15 ADDYs from AAF Pittsburgh

May 29, 2020

Virtual award shows are as exciting as in-person galas when celebrating the hard work of fellow creative professionals. That’s exactly the attitude Brunner embraced during this year’s online AAF Pittsburgh ADDYs during which the agency was recognized with 15 awards—besting all of the competition. For work completed with clients City of Asylum and Lehigh Valley
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Is your brand already behind on TikTok Fame?

May 29, 2020

A one-stop-shop for new music and interesting dance trends, TikTok has thrived during the coronavirus pandemic. Available in over 150 markets worldwide, TikTok was downloaded over 2 million times, between March 16th and 22nd according to Music Business WorldWide, an increase over the previous week’s 1.7 million. According to eMarketer, there has been a 55%
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How Influencers Have Adapted in a COVID-19 World

May 18, 2020

The influencer marketing industry has been severely impacted by the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business closures, travel restrictions, event cancellations, and even social distancing have created challenges for influencers as brands tighten budgets or cancel collaborations for the foreseeable future. Though their feeds may not look all that different, without consistent brand partnerships
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The Rise of Video Game Streaming Platforms

May 14, 2020

In-person entertainment is largely at a halt right now, opening the door even wider for online entertainment. Streaming, once a niche market, has boomed over the past few years as a way for viewers to watch people play popular video games, quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment. These days, live streaming
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Overcoming Coronavirus – Connecting with Customers in the New Normal

May 11, 2020

Where we are: Well into quarantines across the country, there’s been a great many articles, webinars and conversations covering everything from what Coronavirus (COVID-19) is, to the impacts it may have on our health, companies, communities and industries. It’s clear we’re in the midst of a crisis. And while this may be uncharted territory for
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Adopting the Blended Agency Model: Q&A

May 9, 2020

On March 25th, 2020 Brunner co-hosted a webinar with Forrester’s Jay Pattisall, a Forrester analyst, discussing the “Blended Agency Model” which is designed to help agencies effectively adopt collaboration trends that can break silos. In this informational session, Jay Pattisall talked about the importance of collaboration and how it can be effective at building lasting
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Trade Industry: Adapting Marketing Strategies to Meet Consumer Behaviors

May 8, 2020

The past few weeks have not left anyone or any business unscathed.  While spending within the building supplies category is one of the few to increase, the trade industry is undergoing a shift as contractors figure out how to navigate a contactless world. We looked at several key trades (roofing, HVAC and plumbing) to understand
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Hoarding During COVID-19 – Capturing Market Share When Your Brand Matters Most

May 8, 2020

According to GlobalWebIndex, nearly half of consumers have been stocking up on food/drink (45%) and household supplies (43%). Whether it’s toilet paper, disinfecting wipes or yeast (everyone is apparently baking up a storm), it’s clear that people are trying to control what they can while living within the confines of the COVID-19 quarantine. While hoarding
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Now’s a Good Time for Everyone to Play Some D

May 7, 2020

If you’ve never visited our Pittsburgh office, you’ve missed a lovely view of Mt. Washington rising over the confluence of our three rivers. Over the last couple months, we’ve missed that view, too. (And we’ve really missed each other…even though we’re much more punctual at virtual meetings every day.) As we look forward to returning
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Pinterest + COVID-19: What Pinner’s Need Now.

May 7, 2020

With people around the world trying to navigate their new normal, Pinterest has emerged as a main resource. According to Pinterest, searches are up 55% vs. the same time last year. So how is Pinterest being leveraged during these times, given how time spent on the platform and active users are increasing daily? What are
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To All Nurses Who Bravely Wear the Uniform, Thank You.

May 5, 2020

Nurses are caretakers. Nurturers. Lifesavers. Essential. Seems to us, if ever there was a time to recognize nurses for their selflessness and courage, it’s now. As the country continues to grapple with Coronavirus, medical professionals – including nurses and other essential workers – have stepped in and stepped up. And this National Nurses Day, today,
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Brunner Takes Home Two Awards at The Drum Marketing Awards

May 1, 2020

While the event may have looked a little different this year, the excitement was still every bit as strong at The Drum Marketing Awards USA virtual awards. Brunner was nominated for three awards. Best Long-Term Strategy: The Home Depot Rental 2019 Regional Campaign Strategy Best Brand Content Strategy: The Home Depot Rental 2019 Content Marketing
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How do we get the most from this crisis? Balance.

April 24, 2020

In Chinese, the word “crisis” is created by the combination of two words, “dangerous” and “opportunity”. This perfectly sums up the two sides companies, brands and individuals are facing today when coping with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Getting the right balance between these two things is important. During any crisis scenario it’s easy to focus
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Agencies Should be as Competitive as Consultancies in Non-Marketing Engagements

April 24, 2020

Many articles have commented on the acquisition of creative talent by consultancies to compete with ad agencies. In hindsight, this was a predictable progression as advertisers shifted more budget into data-intensive digital media and at the same time increased expectations for financial accountability. Reading between the lines, it’s easy to extrapolate the trend to the
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Brunner Listed on Forrester’s NowTech: Global 2019 Performance Marketing Agencies Report

April 21, 2020

According to Forrester, “Marketers can use performance marketing agencies to target in-market consumers, drive them to convert in digital channels, and support some organic marketing efforts.” While Brunner has always had a strong media planning and buying arm, we knew that we had an opportunity to enhance our performance marketing chops. To help get us
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It Takes a Village: 2020 Atlanta ADDYs

April 20, 2020

An integrated campaign with undercover beavers. Community-building collateral to support firefighters. This is the work we recently celebrated with our clients YellaWood® Pressure Treated Pine and Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation, bringing home 21 awards from the 2020 Atlanta ADDYs. We were thrilled to be recognized, along with our client partners, with nine gold, seven silver and five bronze for
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20 Years Later and the Greatest Challenge Yet

March 31, 2020

Twenty years ago this month I joined Brunner.  In fact, it was then I jumped in to join the advertising industry.  It was an exciting time for me – moving from the world of technology consulting into the glitzy ad world. I remember attending the local Addy awards as one of my first industry events…our
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ADVOCATE–ing for Women

March 6, 2020

Diversity in the workplace matters. According to Deloitte, when employees “think their organization is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included,” their ability to innovate increases by 85%. As a woman in the workplace, diversity, and an inclusive culture have always been important to me and something I want to improve for
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TikTok, Is it a fad or here to stay?

February 20, 2020

Are you getting the question: “Should we be on TikTok?”. If so, here are a few things to consider. We’ll cover what TikTok is, who’s using it, the advertising opportunity, measurement limitations and how brands can get creative. First, what is TikTok? TikTok describes itself as, “the leading destination for short-form mobile video.” Its user
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Foundations for Success: Data Analytics Maturity Series, Episode 2

February 14, 2020

Data Analytics Maturity Series, presented by Brunner’s Data Science & Decision Analytics Team This series covers the elusive topic of data. How to gather it, develop it, and structure it so that you can hone in on valuable insights. Getting closer to your customers requires making the most of the data available to you and
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Enough About Peloton: Let Feel-Good Ads Prevail

January 9, 2020

Originally published in MediaPost.   Recently, one brand’s holiday ad was on everyone’s mind: Peloton. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the exercise equipment brand released a holiday campaign depicting a husband gifting his wife a Peloton bike for Christmas and her subsequent fitness journey over the following year. Not long after airing,
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UGC For You and For Me

December 17, 2019

In a world where brands are trying to mimic their follower’s content due to the increasing difficulty of the platforms algorithm as well as the authenticity of the brand’s content, UGC is more important than ever. User Generated Content, commonly referred to as UGC, is a phrase used to describe content that was created by
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The Myth of Media Relations

December 5, 2019

Media relations of old was a publicity tactic built solely upon relationships between PR practitioners and reporters. In its heyday, success meant well-written press releases and a surplus of media clips. But times have changed. Media relations is no longer just a marketing mechanism designed to gain awareness; it’s a brand strategy. At Brunner we
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Augmented Reality Ads: Tools to Help with Purchase Decision

December 3, 2019

As features that provide consumers with more control over their data and restrict advertising continue to roll out, it’s more important than ever for brands to provide a personalized and interactive experience that feels authentic and is useful. Looking ahead to 2020, here’s a trend that your brand should consider as part of next year’s
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